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Movie production

With a wealth of experience under our belt, we can provide expert support in all areas of moving-image media. An extensive and flexible network offers the possibility to react to any situation.
  • Consultation and conceptualization
  • Screenplays and storyboards
  • Film shots
  • Sound recordings
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Post-processing
  • Sound and video technology
  • Live-action sequencing
  • DVD Authoring
  • Multi-screen technology
  • Rental equipment for trade fairs and events
Portfolio - Film production
Live productions
Whether a shareholders meeting, a talk show, a sports happening or event - we organize live productions, large-scale projections, simultaneous presentations and live recordings. If desired, we can also provide satellite broadcasts or web streaming.
TV editorial
Experienced editors are available for all your needs - in front of and behind the camera. TV-features as commissioned works or independent productions as well as screenplays on a variety of subjects all come about in this manner.
The efficient long-term documentation of comprehensive projects at a variety of film locations in addition to the summarization and explanation of complex technical processes are AKTIV specialties.
Sport videos
To capture sports on film is always a very difficult task and requires, depending on the type of sport, a wide variety of demands. We can meet this challenge. Not only in the reporting of current competitions in various sporting disciplines, but also in the presentation of a particular sporting event.
Electronic news gathering
Depending on requirements, we can provide electronic news gathering teams outfitted with the necessary equipment at short notice for reporting at any location. They can record for broadcast in HD & SD formats.
Trade-show videos
We create striking, eye-catching, self-explanatory video for use at tradeshows and exhibitions that will capture visitors attention and bring them closer to understanding your products and services.
Thanks to a variety of different animation tools and a team of experienced screen designers, we are able to explain technical processes in an understanding manner, to simulate city views or bring fantasy characters to life. Limits are only set by your budget.
Post-production takes place in our contemporary Edit-Suite digital and non-linear - and of course for future-proof HDTV productions. The availability of various video formats for playback allows us to be flexible and accommodate every need.