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Presentations & events

At trade shows and events, one is in close proximity to one's target group without wastage. The beauty of event marketing is that it offers you the possibility for a direct and intensive contact and exchange of ideas. As communication and marketing specialists, we design and implement temporary points of contact for personal and direct marketing. With fresh ideas and careful planning, our experienced project managers are able to put every imaginable event into action while guaranteeing cost-effectiveness. We are expert in all instruments necessary to reach your goals, regardless if it is for a complete solution or an individual solution for which you seek our support.

  • Consultation and conceptualization
  • Design
  • Product management
  • Logistics and services
  • Design and realization of accompanying measures
  • Rental equipment and technology
  • Event personnel
  • Event uniforms
Portfolio - Events
Customer events
Your corporate goals and messages are conveyed in both an emotional and informative manner. The selection and settings of such projects demands a great adeptness for authenticity and effect. We can get your brand into the market in a credible, honest and pleasant manner.
Product presentation
We place your product in the right light - emotional, trustworthy and authentic. Your presentation and messages will not be forgotten. We orchestrate your product, full of character and informative making sure it is harmonious with your communication strategy.
Promotional events and roadshows
Whether or not information is well received is often determined by how it is conveyed. As a result, we develop a master plan for your sales promotion measures - tuned to your goals and target group. Even if during the process we come up with the unusual, we never lose sight of the essentials.
Conferences and congresses
A successful conference means a targeted combination of information and emotion. Functioning technology and infrastructure are just as important as ambiance and room design. In addition, our TV studio and multimedia specialists deliver press reports or multimedia presentations.
Employee events and incentives
Kick-off meetings, team-building events and leadership training - would you like to begin a new project with verve? Are you considering restructuring? Is there soon to be a change in leadership? Is a new vocational training year about to start? We will create an environment of motivation, fascination and excitement.
In-house presentations
We realize informational and sales presentations in addition to customer presentations so that they may concentrate fully on your company and your offerings. In-house presentations offer certain advantages due to the fact that they can be designed in a company-specific and situation-specific manner.
Anniversaries and galas
Communication is also important on such occasions and leads the way in regard to design and conception. The message you wish to convey to your customers, partners or employees is guaranteed to be well received.
Trade fair events
An Octoberfest with German beer in Peking or a Scottish evening in Las Vegas, regardless of the where or what, we can orchestrate your trade fair party. We will take care of the entertainment and catering, organize prize contests and the invitation process or produce the proper promotional gift and giveaway. Your wish is our command.