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Graphic and classical advertising

To hold something in your hand and to read from the printed page is for many simply more tangible than to read something on a monitor. This is perhaps the greatest advantage in contrast to digital media. The feel of the page is an unbeatable characteristic of print media and is becoming evermore attractive as new printing methods are being developed. We realize integrative solutions for a goal-oriented communications/marketing mix utilizing the corresponding methods of communication through the appropriate media channels.

  • Consultation and conceptualization
  • Design for all media
  • Production coordination and execution
  • Corporate design
  • Company publications
  • Packaging design and displays
  • Leaflets and catalogues
  • Media planning
  • Ad design and release in the relavent media
Portfolio - Graphic and classical advertising
Trade fair graphics
We realize trade-fair equipment and wall displays, signs, displays and banners, interior and exterior guidance systems, vehicle graphics and foil printing - your one-stop shop in sync with your trade-fair goals.
Corporate design
The design of all elements of corporate design must adhere to a unified visual image in order to achieve a recognition effect at every point of contact. The corporate design is the visual expression of your corporate philosophy.
Logo design
Logos and image trademarks are the mainstays of corporate identity. We design and implement individual logos and image trademarks for corporations or products and create if desired the necessary guidelines for a comprehensive corporate identity.
Despite digitalization, printed media such as users manuals, brochures or flyers continue to remain crucial and valuable to the target group in focus. The user often utilizes this medium repeatedly and intensively, thus influencing its design and content.
Works of art
Valuable customer giveaways, specific elements of your interior design, illustrations and image design. Our specialists look forward to fulfilling your creative demands.
Packaging design and displays
The design of product packaging and displays depends on content and marketing goals. We develop both temporary and long-term solutions for trade shows, exhibitions and commerce.
Graphic design
Graphic design is the design of visual content for various types of media that as a result of its image conveys to people a message. Integrated into your corporate identity, measured by your goals and of course creative in its implementation, we give every possible medium of communication stature.
Ad design
A good ad design is distinctive, impresses with its fine typography, goal-oriented images and a clear call to action. Our specialists will also support you in media planning and ad positioning.
Media planning
A detailed carefully conducted media planning is a prerequisite for sustained success in advertising. We support you in the planning and implementation of your advertising campaign in classic and new media and provide detailed media plans keeping in mind defined marketing goals and target group analyses.
Company reports
Company reports are aimed at a heterogeneous readership who wish to be informed about the company. The company report has to provide information in a very structured manner, convey a sense of the company and its philosophy and maintain a balance between emotionality and informational content.
Style guide
The style guide regulates the use of visual design elements such as word and image trademarks, colors, fonts and brand patterns in the media employed and makes the files and templates available. The goal is to achieve a uniform appearance of the company, its products and brands.
Catalog design
Catalogs are pure information: reference book, sales aid and generator of sales. Catalogue production aims to create a symbiosis of usability and creative design. Goal: increase in efficiency through quicker catalogue production while reducing costs.